CHINEASE NEW YEAR. Year of the monkey

From Bpo asia we want to congratulate the Chinease new year.

CHINEASE NEW YEAR. Year of the monkey.

In february starts the chinease new year, we wish to our …

Procurement and manufacturing outsourcing in China: suspicious suppliers for chemical products

Our experience in procurement and manufacturing sourcing in China shows every day that among the reliable suppliers there are others fraudulent suppliers on alert to hook naive buyers that believe that this activity can be performed with no experts support.

Manufacturing and procurement outsourcing in China: are small factories reliable?

If you have to buy or produce small quantity orders in China, likely you will work with small factories, some of them very small and these small factories anything can happen, so it is important to know who they are.

Manufacturing and procurement outsourcing in China: supply contract in China, how to make them enforceable.

When a supply contract is prepared with a Chinese company, there is an important question: is that contract going to be enforceable in China in case of breach? In the case that there is a claim against the Chinese company there some requirements that shall be complied.

Procurement and manufacturing in China: ways to do it

Sourcing for procurement and manufacturing in China may be a daunting experience. There are thousands of factories with different qualities and capacities. Finding the right one is vital for any project.

Manufacturing and procurement outsourcing in China: why is recommendable to work with a sourcing company?

In the international market nowadays, keep all the activities the company is becoming impossible. If you want your company to be bigger and more successful, some strategies should be implemented to ma…

Procurement and manufacturing in China: Strategy to keep agreed prices

For all the companies in this business, and for our customers, the main concern is to keep prices stable throughout the year.

There some variables that determine cost increases/decreases, it is al…

Procurement and manufacturing in China: delays in transportation from China

In our daily work we have to estimate transit time for our orders from China to our customer’s warehouse, we count this time since production is finished until it reach customer.

Statistics show…

Manufacturing in China: China leadership in world manufacturing continues

Exports manufacturing, changed China, and changed the world. In 1990 China produced less than 3% of world’s production, now we talk about 25%. As examples, China manufactures 80% of world air condit…

Procurement and manufacturing in China: how expenses should be calculated

In companies like BPO Asia dedicated to this activity on behalf of our customers, in many occasions we hear that working with an outsourcing company give an additional cost to the product, and that it…

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