20 Years of Reliable and Prestigious Alliances

For 20 years we have built trusted relationships with our suppliers in China. In two decades we have been able to work in multiple industries and sectors, gaining know-how on a wide variety of products and manufacturing methods.

Our network of contacts is extensive and we have specialized in different sectors:

Specialized sectors:

  • Steel cutting, whether laser, plasma, etc., bending, welding, machining, painting for parts.
  • Aluminum casting
  • Electric motors
  • Construction material
  • Plastic & aluminum molds
  • Insulators
  • Sealant products (Silicones, polyurethane, polysulfides, etc.)
  • Chemical products
  • Railway track components
  • Glass

BPO Asia is committed to add value, generating an improvement in competitiveness through cost savings with the outsourcing of purchasing and production in Asia. We firmly believe that in all companies there are products and components with which it is feasible to improve costs while guaranteeing quality.

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