What do we offer?

In an increasingly competitive business world, having a strategic partner is essential. At BPO Asia, we are more than an outsourcing company; we are your operations and procurement office in China. With us, you will experience a transformation in the efficiency and profitability of your business.

We are your operations and purchasing office in China

We are your direct link for all your operations and purchases in China. With us, you will have an effective presence in the heart of the Asian industry.

Save time, money and resources

Delegate logistical complexity to us and free your resources to concentrate on what you do best. Our experience guarantees efficiency and significant savings.

We only work with reliable manufacturers with high reputation

We work exclusively with manufacturers with a proven track record of reliability and quality. Your production will be in the hands of recognized industry experts.

We ensure the quality of your productions and purchases

Our inspection and quality control team ensures that each product meets the highest standards. There will be no unpleasant surprises.

We negotiate competitive costs and optimal conditions

We optimize every aspect of your purchases, from price to delivery terms. Our ability to negotiate guarantees the best possible deals.

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Purchasing and manufacturing outsourcing

Cost Optimization.

In an increasingly competitive business world, we understand the importance of maximizing operational efficiency and minimizing the costs associated with manufacturing and purchasing. Our commitment is to pave the way for your company to thrive without incurring the considerable capital requirements that often come with retrofitting factories or building new infrastructure.

By partnering with us, you not only gain a strategic partner for operations and procurement in China, but also a facilitator for new project development.

Quality controls and audits

Get the support you need to control the quality of your product with our inspection and audit service, with quality technicians covering most of China. Our team helps you obtain the quality assurance (defined by ISO 9000) your products need.

We implement the necessary quality assurance system to minimize the probability of quality problems occurring, and you can use our experience and methodologies to inspect products throughout the production process. Ultimately, the goal is to ensure that the supplier maintains quality at agreed levels.

New suppliers can hide many surprises, factory audits help evaluate their capabilities, reliability and/or compliance with social standards.

We offer a full range of factory audits that analyze suppliers and highlight the main risks that could prevent them from meeting your needs. Decisions must be made with the correct information.

If there is inconsistent quality, our factory product inspections throughout the production process, or at the time of shipping, help detect problems before it is shipped.

We offer a full spectrum of quality inspections for your products; the most commonly used are “during production” inspections and “random final inspections”.

If you are concerned that the same quality problems will be repeated over and over again in future productions, the consulting and guidance of our supplier quality inspectors will help solve the problems at the source.

They often occur because the manufacturer does not have a control plan, the buyer has not defined good product specifications, and the factory’s internal testing and quality control processes are inadequate. We help solve these problems.

If you work with a factory that runs poor production processes, you’re likely to be disappointed time and time again by poor quality and late shipments.

At WFP our auditor, with experience in the process(es) in question, goes on site to check what the main sources of risk are and whether your processes are correct and under control.

Import products from abroad to sell in your country? It is essential to ensure that they comply with the regulations of your market.

But how to start? Do you know what certifications your product needs and how to ensure your production process allows you to meet them?

BPO Asia takes the stress out of compliance testing. We confirm what standards your product must meet and create and implement a compliance testing plan for you.100%

What would you do if you discovered that an entire production batch of your products was defective? Do you have time or money for a solution?

First Article Inspection (FAI), if implemented at the start of mass production, can save you from disaster if problems are found in the first parts off the line.

This service is for plastic injection mold buyers in China.

We ensure that your mold design is robust and manufacturable, we audit the manufacturer, evaluate the quality at the beginning, organize homologation tests and prototyping.

We reduce risks at every stage, which can be ending up with poor quality molds, non-compliant products and suppliers who use their molds without permission for other clients (don’t think that this doesn’t happen).